“Patty’s Playhouse” featuring Patty Wilson & the Purple Door Team Sat 11-12 NOON

Patty's Playhouse

Patty Wilson has been one of Tallahassee’s leading real estate agents  and residential property appraisers for the last 8 years.  Patty is known for her market knowledge, professionalism, and her ability to relate to her customers.  Patty Wilson, a transplant from Harrisburg, PA in 2001, continued her career working as a nurse at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital until she experienced a career-ending injury.  Using the skills Patty acquired as a nurse, she transitioned into real estate beginning in 2003.  For Patty, the process of selling real estate and the process of caring for her patients are similar.

Patty & the Purple Door Team build a relationship of trust and communication creating a positive, productive, and joyful home-selling and buying experience. After more than 13 years in the real estate world, Patty Wilson is sharing her unique view on Life, Living, and Joy in her brand-new radio show, “Patty’s Playhouse”! Patty’s infectious positive attitude, joyful presence, and outlook on life will change the way you think about real estate, and life style in Tallahassee.